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Generic for valium 10mg

Generic names for valium and the pharmaceutical companies have responded by making efforts to distance themselves from the drug. The two drugs contain same active ingredients, but a generic version won't include any of the new marketing information, for some patients and doctors. Lamictal's parent company, Pfizer, for example declined to list Lamictal as an active ingredient in its own documents filed with the FDA, which do not disclose marketing information. In response, the parent company of generic Valium said it Acheter valium 10mg would begin "discontinuing the promotion of [Valium] for treating ADHD in 2014." The generic has not yet been advertised and is therefore under the FDA's oversight. "We had no idea that this would be happening," says Dr. David Reay, chief executive of New Jersey-based Pharmacia & Upjohn, which made Valium until its deal to merge with Pfizer three years ago. The two drugs are still a potent treat for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, but they also produce a range of side effects that include liver and intestinal damage sleepiness. (Both drugs have a half-life of 5 hours.) While Lamictal can provide some relief, it's no replacement for effective medication. The pharmaceutical groups may have been less forthcoming with FDA approval because they knew the two generic drugs they hoped to offer would be so similar. Before the generic names for valium combination was approved, it known that generic Lamictal would not contain information or instructions for how to take it. Pharmacia said it was simply not interested in advertising Lamictal's new brand name. Dr. James F. O'Brien, an independent scientist and founder of the Center for Generic Drugs Evaluation in Santa Monica, Calif., says a lack of brand protection could discourage companies from developing new generic drugs. "We think of drugs as an important component that has allowed us to develop new drugs, and the lack of a marketing tie really reduces that. The lack of a tie reduces the cost of generic drugs, which has a very significant impact on the public economy." Dr. Reay says if generics are so close, why do they have to pay a premium? Patients, doctors and patients' groups say they also worried that generics would be Valium 10 rezeptfrei less expensive than the brand versions. And unlike drug companies, they would not have to invest in research and development or test thousands of tests at the Food and Drug Administration. Because they would not be required to disclose their new brand name, generic companies could make lower profit margins for patients. The Generic Pharmaceutical Association has said it does not take a position on whether generics should be regulated as drug companies. Generic drugs "can reduce cost for best generic brand valium those who need them the most," association president Dan Stein said in a statement. "More research and development will require generic drugs to meet these same standard but without the burden of marketing." Pharmacia & Upjohn's Reay says there are "many more factors than the price tag at back of the package to consider when deciding on an additional product — whether it would improve what is already there or create new problems," but generic companies do have to consider how the product will be perceived. "People are always going to have an opinion about generic drugs, and the fact is that for certain products, their opinions may be based on a perception rather than science and information," Reay says. "It's a very sensitive topic; people have strong feelings." Valium, Lamictal and generic Divalproex did not win approval for treating ADHD before Pfizer bought Pharmacia in 2007. But generic drug companies say they want to treat ADHD before approving generic and they're eager to keep generic approval. And pharmacists say they want to continue making their own generic versions of drugs such as Valium to keep competition in the market. "They're the only ones that sell this," says Mike Bowers, the pharmacist at Bay View Pharmacy 709 Route 13 in Plainville. "We'd be dumb not to be." This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. NERMEEN SHAIKH: We turn now to Iran, where there has been growing concern among members of the U.N. Security Council and West after the U.S. unveiled new sanctions against Iran. This comes as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has taken a bold stand against his country's nuclear ambitions. Rouhani said on CNN's state of the union program last Sunday that the lifting of sanctions is not a "red line" that will trigger war between the United States and Iran. And, instead, Rouhani said Iran will continue implementing its nuclear deal with the international community, saying that sanctions are key to stopping Iran's nuclear program, but a solution remains elusive if the international community refuses to give Iran the funds that are needed to implement the agreement.

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