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Diazepam mylan generics is a very good choice) probably decent choice as well. anon952821 Post 38 Why do people use so much medication when their kids get sick? anon897662 Post 37 My son is 12 and has ADHD. He been on some different types of medication at home, and it really didn't help. He's still at The Family Place for a month. It's almost impossible to find a doctor that is qualified to prescribe any medicine for ADHD, let alone a pediatrician that is trained in treating ADHD. He's been sent to the office numerous times. I'm hoping to take him back home myself. My mom says I should drop him off at 7:30 every night on his way to school. Can anyone give me advice on how to handle this situation without running head first into a brick wall? anon863393 Post 37 I have a 12 yr. old who is in the ADHD, and there's no cure. He has become very restless and can't sit still. One force their child to stay still, but I suggest changing the position of reclining chair and then just walking or cycling around the room. He seems to have no problems with these changes. I suggest he starts small, like a few minutes of play. anon863032 Post 36 My 7 month old is just now starting to be potty trained. Yesterday at 1 pm - I put the potty in there too soon and the baby was able to empty herself. Her mom noticed she wasn't taking her medication and checked out her. She found that hadn't been potty trained at all. She said was too scared to tell me about this, and told never to raise her hand or ask about anything, not even diazepam tablets for sleeping her diaper situation, again, as a parent I'm so tired of hearing about a baby's diaper. She also said thought I was a snob for trying to be an extra-special parent. The only answer I can give is, if you don't potty train your child at least try and learn how. view entire post anon856589 Post 35 My 2-year-old son is now 12 months on meds, and now he's his 4th drug. I am sure everyone here is aware of how the FDA controls everything (yes, everything) - except for vaccines. It's not safe to give your kids nonstop shots. My son is in the school for speech and language the pediatrician keeps telling him, don't worry, he will be fine soon. Well, he hasn't been fine so far. anon849063 Post 34 I just had my first child, a 2-year-old. He was born after my first son was also born 2 years ago. I know of several other parents having birth complications like a low Apgar score. Some parents also have birth injuries. Most people don't understand that birth injuries are one of the major reasons why many children who need medical care are denied the care. Medical professionals should have a basic education about this in order to provide safe and pharmacy online store usa effective care for the parents. anon876061 Post 33 I wish could tell you my story. I'm an adult with severe mental illness. I haven't been diagnosed for more than 12 years. Diazepam 5mg 30 pills US$ 150.00 US$ 5.00 I have been sober for 15 years and I was very ill for a good portion of the last decade. During 15 years I have had two very difficult pregnancies. After almost 4 years of living with bipolar I learned that my son was going to be diagnosed with bipolar last winter. I was absolutely terrified. asked several doctors and their answers were either "no," or.